Once Upon a Praline®: "Every Bite Tells a Sweet Story"

There's always something cooking at Once Upon a Praline®. With so many flavors to choose from: Signature Flavor, CreamyDreamy Cheesecake, Banana Pudding, Almond Delight, Chocolate Toffee, Key Lime Kiss, Red Velvet Crush, CaraMellow or Rum flavored we are sure you will fall in love all over again, as each bite tells a sweet story.

Our Flavors


At Once Upon a Praline®, we are proud to offer you the following chapters in our sweet fairytale storybook:




Chapter 1: Signature - Our original flavor with a creamy twist. Warning: You can't eat just one. Gluten Free.

Chapter 2: Banana Pudding -Tasting is believing. Made with Nilla Wafers and a special vanilla bean blend straight from The Big Easy. 


Chapter 3: CreamyDreamy Cheesecake - Simply delightful and creamy. Taking cheesecake to a whole new level.


Chapter 4: Almond Delight - Our Signature Praline with sliced almonds instead of pecans. A tribute to Chef Clement Lassagne, maker of the very first praline in France in the 1600's. It's Gluten Free and also perfect for those who aren't fond of pecans.

Chapter 5: CaraMellow - Rich. Delicious. Caramel. Creamy....Did we say delicious?


Chapter 6: Chocolate Toffee - A mouthwatering blend of chocolate, toffee and pecans that melts in your mouth.


Chapter 7: Key Lime Kiss - Made with fresh zest of lime and lime juice that tickle your tastebuds and makes you fall in love at first bite. 


Chapter 8: Red Velvet Crush - Drizzled with our special vanilla cream cheese icing, one sweet bite will leave you RED with envy. 


Chapter 9: Rum - Our Rum flavored praline is sure to put a smile on your face.


*Our pralines contain no preservatives. 


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